5 online dangers and how to protect your kids
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5 online dangers and how to protect your kids

Cyberdangers are on the rise due to kids’ unprecedented exposure to cell phones and the resources within, which include all sorts of websites and social media platforms.

Kids these days seem to have their cell phones with them all the time, and though they provide useful resources it has to be taken into account that there are dangers lurking behind the screens of said devices. 

Although it has become the norm to always hang out with a cell phone, it’s the parents’ duty to address the adequate use of these devices and the technology within and also acknowledge and advise about the impeding dangers. In the next paragraphs we will be listing the top five online dangers for kids, with a brief description of what they consist of:

  1. Cyber predators. The universe of cyberdangers is vast, and one of the greatest threats is the one represented by predators. The problem with having ready access to the Internet and social media platforms through something as ubiquitous as a smartphone is that teens and kids are willingly connecting with predators without them even realizing it. The internet is full of strangers and, of course, strangers can be anyone, from helpful friends to stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators and other unsavoury characters. Predators are specially dangerous because of the sexual nature of their acts, with which thet entrap and victimize teens and kids. As for bullies, they tend to humiliate their victims, usually with long lasting effects on their steem and self-appreciation.  
  2. Sexting. This one is a classic, representing one of most dangerous aspects of online chatting and socialization. Young kids and teens get involved in sexting while talking to their boyfriends and girlfriends but in addition to this, teens also share obscene content on social messaging apps and websites in terms of photos, videos and other activities. Sexting is dangerous for teens’ and kids’ dignities but also for their overall wellbeing as this behaviour attracts online predators who in turn believe these kids are an easy target they can easily exploit. 
  3. Social media obsession. Young kids and teens use their cell phone cameras to capture selfies, photos and do multiple activities all day long. They send and receive text messages, text conversations, audio and video calls, share media files and voice calls on trendy social media platforms. Prolonged usage and exposure can affect studies and self-esteem in equal terms. 
  4. Online dating. Uncommitted sexual activities and blind dates with the use of online dating apps like Tinder are on the rise among teens. They used to find someone at parties to have sexual activities with and today it all happens with the use of social messaging apps and dating sites. They use it on their phones and approach the opposite gender and then meet at parties to have sexual motives, sometimes with a devastating outcome that includes rape, unwanted pregnancy, kidnapping and even murder. 
  5. Health issues. Teens and kids that spend most of the time on the cell phone and gadgets and as well as on social media platforms are more likely to get health problems due to lack of sleep. They usually get depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Beware: it’s not all fun and games on social media

How to protect kids from online dangers? 

The best way to protect your teens and kids from cyber dangers is to set parental controls on their devices. In this setup you need to subscribe to such a service, where in return you will receive a login ID and password. 

To install parental control con you must have physical access to the target device, where you will proceed with the installation.  Once installed and activated you then use your login ID and password to have access to the app and its controls. The idea is to motivor kids’ activities online and prevent any possible dangers.

You can use the live screen recorder to make short videos of the screen to stay up to date with the  activity registered.  Moreover, you can monitor social media apps logs with the use of social media messenger spy software that provides a registry of messages, conversations, audio calls, video calls and shared media. In case of need parents can also remotely block text messages, block incoming calls of strangers and last but not the least parents can block internet access instantly on kid’s cell phone.

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