Teen Phone

5 online dangers and how to protect your kids

Cyberdangers are on the rise due to kids’ unprecedented exposure to cell phones and the resources within, which include all sorts of websites and social media platforms. Kids these days seem to have their cell phones with them all the time, and though they provide useful resources it has to be…

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Office Worker

How to keep an eye on your employees in working hours?

Nowadays, workplace surveillance has become mandatory for most companies. There are many reasons why companies are now using surveillance tools to keep eyes on the staff and employees. If we just talk about England, the people there are obsessed with using the latest technology to track their kids, partners as well…

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android phone

How to secure your Android phone device

People sometimes try to mess with the other’s private information. The digital world is full of scammers, hackers and these people are very difficult to get your hands on. There is no better way to secure your Android phone data than you in particular. The following are a few steps which…

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