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How to keep an eye on your employees in working hours?

por Sarah Miles
Office Worker

Nowadays, workplace surveillance has become mandatory for most companies. There are many reasons why companies are now using surveillance tools to keep eyes on the staff and employees. If we just talk about England, the people there are obsessed with using the latest technology to track their kids, partners as well as employees and babysitters.

According to Britain, they don’t trust people around their kids so want to check them and know what they are up to. These people are using the best tools and software to track their employees. Even there are many who track their cleaners and maids. They all are right because nowadays managing employees has become a serious challenge for the employers.

It was just about small level employees. There are companies with thousands of workers and employees. They have huge offices with machinery, devices and tools of worth billions. They are even more concerned about the workplace safety. There have been many cases when the staff or employees stole items, important data and violated companies’ policies.

The concern among employers to protect their workplace, devices and computers as well as data and sensitive information is becoming a serious issue. Cloud computing has helped in this regard to protect data and store at somewhere that is safe. Despite all this, there exist some issues the employers want to fix at workplace regarding security and data protection.


Video surveillance deters certain misconducts in the office

Why track your employees at workplace?

Below are some facts to help you understand how and why the companies track their staff and employees at workplace. This can be helpful in assessing there are thousands or millions of companies tracking the staff in working hours.

  • More than 80% managers and employers track their employees at office
  • Over one-third of the employees in the world are being tracked by employers at the moment
  • 63% employers are spying on the internet and computer use of their employees
  • 47% employers keep data like emails and other relevant details in their computers and store them
  • 36% employers check and view the computer files of their staff
  • Nearly 20% employers use video surveillance to record employees

When it comes to the reasons of keeping eyes on the staff during office hours, there are many. First, the workplace security is improved. With video surveillance, the staff will be alert. This will help in keeping the office safe from any theft or such other activities.

We have seen how women came on social media and highlighted harassment issues they faced with their colleagues and other people. Women sexual harassment at workplace is another problem for the employers. This affects the reputation of an organization for not protecting women. The video surveillance will be helpful in catching the people involved in sexual harassment.

Lastly, the employers can improve the productivity of the staff. With workplace surveillance, the employees will not waste much of their time when they know the boss is watching them. But how you will do it? This is covered in the next section.

Keeping eyes on employees at workplace

Here comes the question that how you can keep eyes on the employees when they are working in office. This also depends on what you want to check. Many employers are looking for tools that can track the internet history, social media, and what other things the employees do.

Use employee monitoring app

You will need a powerful and the best employee tracking system that keeps eyes on the staff. BlurSPY app is one of the best options out there. This app offers a good number of features that can make employee monitoring easy for you. you will not feel any issues while tracking the staff.

Internet history

Now, coming to the point, what this app can do is what you might be thinking. You can do a lot of things. Like, call tracking, checking messages, locations as well as internet use. This Employee monitoring app will track the internet use by your staff.

Social media use

Apart from internet history, the app also track social media use. There is no denying that employees spend a lot of time using social sites and waste time at the workplace. This can be helpful in tracking their social media use, warn them to not waste more time and improve their output.